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LOHP visit 2009
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The London Freshwater Group is one of the five specialist groups of the Linnean Society of London.
Formed in 1973, it meets 2-3 times each year for the exchange of ideas and discussion on a range of subjects relating to freshwater science.
LFG meeting and AGM at the Linnean Society, London, spring 2010







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BBQ after LOHP Bio Blitz 2009



  London Freshwater Group Spring Meeting 2017

Friday 17th March, 

13:30 - 17:10, 

The Linnean Society of London,

Burlington House,



Please see Agenda


Photo: LFG meeting and AGM at Linnean society, London, spring 2010







FBA Scientific Publication No. 67
Compiled by Simon Pawley, with contributions from Michael Dobson & Melanie Fletcher
Published by The Freshwater Biological Association, 2011
ISBN 978-0-900386-79-4
Price £25 plus postage (FBA members entitled to 25% discount) 

A concise introduction to the identification of macroinvertebrate families included in biotic assessment in the UK. Covers flatworms, annelids, molluscs, larger crustaceans, arachnids and all orders of aquatic insects.


For further information visit: 















The Natural History Museum Press release

19 September 2011

Photo (left) Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis) (copyright Huw Jones 2006) 


Gloves off: scientists chart Chinese mitten crab invasion


Become a nature detective and record the invasion of the alien Chinese mitten crab (Eriocheir sinensis) in rivers of England and Wales.

Scientists from a number of UK research institutes, including London's Natural History Museum are calling for the public to become nature detectives this autumn to better understand the full extent of the Chinese mitten crab invasion and the threat these crustaceans pose to our rivers and waterways. Anglers, waterway workers, boating enthusiasts and other nature lovers to identify and record any sightings of the alien species via an online survey. The recordings will be used by scientists to clarify the full distribution of the exotic crabs in English and Welsh rivers.

Chinese mitten crabs are now one of the most notorious aquatic invasive species featuring in the international list of the world’s 100 worst invasive species. They are regarded as a pest because they cause damage to fishing gear and unprotected river banks, block water systems as well as compete with native species for food and habitat.

Current records show that mitten crabs have established populations in the Thames, Medway, Ouse Washes, Humber and the Dee Estuary. Sightings from all rivers and watersheds will be useful but researchers are particularly interested in any from:


The Thames west of Windsor to beyond Reading
Tyne, Tees and Wear in the North East
Dee and Merseyside
Severn Estuary to the Isle of Wight in the South West



Nature lovers can report their finds by phone, email or online and upload their photographs by visiting

For more information, please click



LFG Site Visits (since 2009):





London Freshwater Group site visit to the Freshwater Biological Association (FBA)

River Laboratory at East Stoke, July 2010


In early July 2010 some members of the London Freshwater Group visited the FBA River Laboratory at East Stoke to learn about the facilities and work that is in progress there. To learn more about the work being carried out at the FBA River Lab please 'click here'.
LFG at the River Laborary East Stoke July 2010
London Freshwater Group site visit to Blo' Norton Fen (and adjacent sites) 2009.

We thought it about time that we fully utilised the tremendous skills among members of the London

Freshwater Group by having an annual site visit to help with recording and conservation.

For the 2009 trip we were invited to Blo' Norton Fen (and Adjacent sites), which is managed as part of the Little Ouse Headwaters Project (LOHP). To see more pictures please 'click here'









LFG sampling at Parkers Piece 2009



London Freshwater Group Forum

Please visit the London Freshwater Group Forum (designed and run by Emily Dresner) for the opportunity to interact with like minded people throughout the year on all things freshwater.



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